Thursday, March 27, 2008

Peaceful Room Reservation

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Robot get another replacement of cameraman

The current cameraman for Robot is R.Ratnavelu, not sure for how long, but lets hope he is the one who is going to stick to the project till the end. Robot the big budget movie by director Shankar, starring none other than Superstar Rajinikanth and Bollywood bomb Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been having replacement of cameraman quite frequently since the project was announced.

The initial chose for shooting Rajini and Ash and the Robot was Nirav Shah, but he walked out. He was replaced by Thiru but looks like there has been differences with Thiru too and he has been now replaced by R. Ratnavelu.

The reason seems to be that Shankar has insisted his crew to be completely dedicated to Robot for the next 2 years and it is a difficult task for many to do. Lets hope Ratnavelu gets to be associated with the movie which will go down in history!!

Clean shaven and Sauve Ajith again!!

The clean shaven look of Ajith which made many a hearts lose a beat in Billa is back. For the past few months Ajith who was seen with a beard has finished his shots of the flashback for his upcomming movie Aegan, which required him to sport a beard and has returned to his clean shaven, sauve look.

Aegan movie which has Ajith and Nayantara in the lead is directed by choreographer turned director Raju sundaram. For the past few months the shooting for the flash back scene was on which required Ajith Kumar to sport a beard. The shooting of these scenes is over in Hong Kong and now the stylish Ajith will be romancing Nayan and doing emotional scenes with Navdeep. Navdeep plays the role of younger brother for Ajith.

Actor Suman will be donning the baddie in the film along with Kannada actor Avinash. The music for Aegan is scored by Yuvan Shankar raja and cinematography by Arjunan. The movie also has actor Naseer, Suhasini Maniratnam playing important roles.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Clear Vision With Zenni Optical

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Anjaadhey - Tamil ( Movie Review )

For all the promise director Mysskin displayed in his debut (Chithiram Pesuthadi), Anjaadhey is terribly disappointing. Using the same realistic, lower middle class setting, he has an Ajmal who simply cannot emote and a Naren who sits down half-way, holding a wall every time he’s even mildly surprised. Prasanna’s menacing turn is commendable for the actor but he comes across merely as a caricature - that extra shot glorifying him when he’s finally dead perhaps panders to his hero-image! But, the worst offenders are the 30 minute chaotic, mess of a climax in the sugarcane field; and Naren’s decision to drop both his guns and get into a hand combat with Prasanna, in the climax – he’s a cop dealing with a rapist for heaven’s sake; and this was meant to be a realistic film! While I did enjoy Mysskin’s film making style – an impoverished version of Gautam Menon, if I could describe it - Anjaadhey is a drab for most parts and definitely lacks the stupendous impact of the film maker’s debut. What went wrong? The bigger budget? Oh that’s terribly unfortunate, ‘cos instead of getting a better film, we have a self-indulgent film, with only occasional strokes of brilliance.

Jannat - Hindi ( Audio Review )

Zara si is just the perfect, incredibly catchy melody that we love from Pritam - the ‘Kya mujhe pyar hai’ of 2008! And yes, KK rules! 82Rocker, Kamran Ahmed’s Judai is a mighty interesting combination of interesting backgrounds and an intriguing voice crooning an angst ridden song! Haan tu hain is almost Nadeem Shravan – simple, rhythmic and KK, in place of Kumar Sanu. Door na jaa is gorgeous, first using silence beautifully and then a neat rock’ish backing, while Jannat jahan is the only sore point – sticks out despite the extra attitude thrown in! Jannat’s soundtrack is a heady cocktail!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

New York Fashion Schools

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